Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Jewish Rings From Israel Are Incomparable

Have you ever seen Jewish rings from Israel? Have you ever purchased one? Worn one? If you have, then you know what I'm talking about. But if you have not, then I assure you, there is nothing as unique and as spectacular as Jewish rings from Israel.
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What is so special, you might ask, about Jewish rings from Israel? I mean, a ring is a ring, no? Well, yes, a ring is in fact a ring. But there are rings, and then there are Jewish rings. And then, there are Jewish rings from Israel. Let’s break this down so that we can get a better sense of it.
  • Rings are circular jewels worn around the finger. Rings are pretty things made from precious metals that are created in a shape and form to be worn on the finger. Some rings are plain, while many others have designs or other elements on them, like engravings or precious stones.
  • Jewish rings. Jewish rings are rings with a Jewish theme. For example, Jewish wedding rings such as AniLedodi rings. Or Hebrew name rings. Or Jerusalem themed rings, like with a depiction of Jerusalem’s Old City walls for example. And more.These rings come in several different metals and colors. There are sterling silver Jewish rings, gold Jewish rings, or a combination, just to mention a few.
  • Jewish rings from Israel. These are rings with a Jewish theme that are manufactured in Israel. The location of manufacture is incomparable. How can you compare a Jewish ring that is not made in Israel, to Jewish rings from Israel, manufactured in Israel? Where every jeweler is an artist, and puts all his heart and soul into every single product he creates? Especially when he is molding a Jewish themed ring – or Jewish themed other type of jewelry. When the jeweler in Israel, who is probably Jewish himself, puts all of his feelings into each jewel, and works earnestly, one cannot compare that to a regular Jewish ring that is not made in Israel. When you have a ring with the Jerusalem skyline depicted on it, it can look beautiful wherever it is made. But when the jeweler who crafted it can actually see the Jerusalem skyline through his window as he works on this jewel, it’s hard to say that it’s the same. You get my drift.
So if you are in the market for a Jewish ring, consider getting one from Israel – the experience is so special. And if you can’t make it to Israel in person, have no fear. Don’t give up on your dream of obtaining Jewish rings from Israel. There are rings, and other pieces of jewelry, that are made in Israel but sold around the world. And if you want even more options, look online. There are endless products available online that were manufactured in Israel.
So – it seems Jewish rings from Israel are the way to go. Happy shopping, and bon voyage!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Jewish Engagement Rings

Today was the day. Today was the spectacular day. Today was the much awaited for, anticipated, exciting, amazing day! It was the day on which Amanda was going to pick out (and hopefully purchase) her I am my beloved ring. Oh, how very very excited she was! Amanda had been waiting for this day nearly her entire life. She thought of how many hours, days and nights she had spent dreaming about her future I am my beloved ring.
She would stay up late at night thinking about it, pondering over which exact style she would choose. Would she pick gold or silver? Wide or narrow? Diamonds or other precious stones, or keep it sleek and plain? Amanda had spent hours upon hours contemplating each and every detail of her I am my beloved ring. And today she was finally here. It seemed too good to be true.
As “the day”, as we are calling it, was approaching, Amanda also spent a lot of time deciding where to purchase her long awaited for ring. She had heard about numerous stores and businesses that sell or manufacture Jewish engagement rings. Amanda took her time doing her research. She had to make sure she was buying from only the very best sources. But she had ample time to decide, and before long she settled on a Jewish engagement rings vendor from which should would purchase her I am my beloved ring.
On the appointed day, Amanda woke up bright and early. The sunny blue sky and crisp breeze were the perfect accompaniment on her special outing. She set out to Jarod’s house, as she had planned to choose her I am my beloved ring together with her fiancĂ©. Amanda picked him up, and the two of them drove off together to the Jewish engagement rings store.
At last they have arrived. Amanda set about her choosing ceremony right away. She asked the salesmen to please lay out for her, in an organized fashion, all of the silver pieces to start with. She wanted to make sure she got a good eye on every single possibility, and she wanted to do it in order from “worst to best”. The salesmen lay before her trays and trays of sterling silver Jewish engagement rings, all with the ani ledodi inscription on them. Amanda scrutinized each one. She marveled at the diversity of styles, and she loved how despite that, all of the rings maintained a beautiful, classic elegance.
After a while, Amanda moved on to gold. She asked for all of the yellow gold rings to be displayed, then the white gold, then the two tone gold, and so on. After spending an even longer time gazing and them, she went on to diamonds. It just got better and better.
As you can imagine, Amanda spent hours in the jewelry store that fateful day. She enjoyed every single minute. Though Amanda was generally quick to make decisions, the decision of which I am my beloved ring to purchase was not going to be a hasty one, nosiree. But eventually, she did choose one. She was very happy with her choice, and wore the beautiful ring for many, many happy years.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Men’s Jewish Rings Are Abundant

I don’t think it is hard to find a variety of Jewish wedding rings or Hebrew rings on the market. It is well known that the varieties available are abundant. However, many fear that the options available are only for women, while the men are left with but a small amount of styles to choose from. I would like to hereby proclaim that that is a myth. The number of styles and ring types available for men are astounding. Perhaps those who disagree are just not looking in the right places. There are at least as many men’s Jewish rings options as there are for women. Below are a few examples of types of men’s Jewish rings:
Men’s Jewish Rings Are Abundant
Men’s Hebrew wedding bands. Every type of Hebrew wedding band that is available for women is available for men, too. There are plenty of wide, clunky styles that are more suitable for men, as well as the more sleek classic look, which some men go for, as well. The popular inscription “AniLedodiVedodi Li (I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me) is available on all the styles, as well as some other inscriptions such as “V’erasteech Li L’Olam” (and I will betroth you to me forever).
Hebrew rings for men that are not wedding related – these include rings with Hebrew inscriptions that do not pertain to marriage. For example, “Gam ZeYa’avor” (this too shall pass), or “Am Yisrael Chai” (the nation of Israel lives on).

Jerusalem themed rings 

– this is a type of men’s Jewish rings that is quite popular. The Lion of Judah symbol on a nice, heavy ring is quite a masculine look. There are alsokotel rings of all shapes and sizes. And rings that have the Jerusalem skyline depicted on them. All very worthwhile options for men’s Jewish rings.

Hebrew name rings

– anyone, no matter their gender, can have their Hebrew name inscribed on a ring. Men and women, boys and girls, all love this popular Jewish ring option. Go for it!

Choshen rings

– Choshen or Hoshen rings tend to be signet ring style with the Choshen design on top. That is a manly look, as well. The Choshen was the breastplate worn by the High Priest in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. There were twelve precious stones on the Choshen, each of a different color. These twelve stones are found on our Choshen rings, as well.

Eilat stone rings

– the Eilat stone is the national stone of Israel. The deep blue and bright green hues, often times marbleized into each other, create a marvelous jewel. There are many styles of rings that contain an Eilat stone. Thus, this is another great option for men’s Jewish rings.

Ancient coin rings

– it is popular amongst men, more so than women, to be collectors of ancient coins and the like. We hereby present to you the option of obtaining a ring in which an ancient coin is embedded. If you like history, and ancient coins in particular, this men’s Jewish rings option is definitely for you.
So you all you men out there who think there are not enough options for you, take a look through this list again. I think you might just change your mind.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

The AniLedodi Ring Dream

Beth was a little girl who always dreamed of becoming a bride. To her, a bride was like a queen. She loved to imagine herself dressed in a magnificent white gown, bedecked with jewels, diamonds, and pearls, and a dazzling crown on her head. And she imagined herself sitting in the center with everyone oohing and aahing around her.
aniledodi ring
As she grew older, Beth’s dream of becoming a bride grew more sophisticated. She also realized that, unlike some other little girl dreams she had that were mere fantasies, this dream of hers would become a reality one day. And that made it all the more exciting for Beth.
When the time was ripe, Beth started to think about whom she might marry. And she thought about an aniledodi ring that might be presented to her. It was all so exciting. Before long, Beth became engaged to a fine young man.
One day, her fiancĂ©, Michael, opened up a discussion with Beth about the possibility of her getting an aniledodi ring. “That’s exactly what I have always dreamed of!” exclaimed Beth. She then went on to describe to him in full detail how she always dreamed of becoming a bride, and when she got older, she also dreamed of getting an aniledodi ring. “I’m so excited that the time has come for me to finally pick out my very own aniledodi ring!” said Beth.
A few weeks later, Beth and Michael were on their way to do some research on where and how to obtain an aniledod ring. They found out about numerous jewelers and jewelry stores that specialize in the gold Hebrew ring industry. But even though the samples they saw were really all very pretty, something about it seemed cheap to Beth. She couldn’t figure out why. But then it came to her. “If I am going to purchase a gold Hebrew ring, an aniledodi ring no less, I should really purchase it in Israel”, she thought. The whole concept of these rings was so Israel based, it just felt cheap to be purchasing it anywhere else.
So, a few weeks later Beth found herself on a plane headed for Israel, with Michael at her side. He had supported her all the way in this decision, and they were so happy to have a little vacation together.
When they got there, they started their research project all over again. But before long, they were on their way to a jewelry store in Jerusalem to find the perfect aniledodi ring for Beth.
Beth had a hard time choosing, as they were all so beautiful and precious. She couldn’t believe her dreams were coming true. She especially liked the white gold band. She wasn’t sure, though, if it should have diamonds around the edges or not. After much deliberation, she decided to put in rubies instead of diamonds. And with that, her purchase was complete.
Beth was happy that her dreams had all come true – in every dimension. She and Michael lived happily ever after.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Jewish Rings For Women And Men

Mark thought about it and thought about it. He just couldn’t make up his mind. Should he propose to his girlfriend with an engagement ring, or not? If yes, it would make her so happy. But if not, he would have the opportunity to let her choose what she wanted. If only he knew what she wanted, he wouldn’t have this problem. But if he asked her, just so that he’d be able to propose with it, that was cheesy. And so, Mark continued to have sleepless nights trying to decide which way to go. To propose with a ring or not to…
Jewish Rings For Women And Men
He turned out to be lucky, as fate decided for itself. One day, Jennifer (Mark’s girlfriend) gushed, “I passed a store the other day that had Jewish rings for women, and I decided I just have to have one!!” Well, that sure made Mark’s decision a little easier! He decided then and there that he was going to help her choose her perfect ring.
Over the next few weeks, Mark and Jennifer spent time going to stores that sell Jewish rings for women, trying to find the perfect one. Of all the types of Jewish rings for women that are out there, they discovered that the Ani Ledodi rings are most suitable for Jennifer. They were happy to narrow it down a bit. So on their next outing to a Jewish rings for women store, they knew exactly what to ask for.
Jennifer tends to be a bit picky and choosy. There were so many options out there. Should she get a gold ring or a silver ring? Should she get two tone gold or white gold? Should her Ani Ledodi ring have diamonds on it, or not? Should she get a spinning ring? Should it be wide or narrow? It took a while for her to settle on the right ring. But eventually, she did. And she was very happy with her decision. She chose a two tone gold spinning ring with Ani Ledodi laser engraved around the middle. She was so proud of it!
The funny thing is, that after spending so much time looking through Jewish rings for women for Jennifer, Mark felt that maybe he should check out Jewish rings for men. After all, he had developed an appreciation for it. And he knew it would mean the world to Jennifer. So back he went shopping again, this time looking through Jewish rings for men. And he had a very similar experience that Jennifer had! He had a hard time deciding, and eventually he settled on the Ani Ledodi ring. Then he had to decide on the metal and type of ring. That took a while, as well. Just like Jennifer. Eventually, he settled on a two tone gold spinning ring with Ani Ledodi laser engraved around the middle. Wow, what a coincidence!
Now that the couple had matching his and hers rings, they were the perfect way to show off Jewish rings for women and Jewish rings for men.
They lived happily together for many years to come.

Monday, 16 January 2017

The Ani Le Dodi Ring Mishap

Michael had a funny way of understanding things. That’s why, when he heard that someone was getting a 14k gold Hebrew wedding band, he thought that meant that the band at the wedding – as in the orchestra – was made out of 14k gold. Michael loved music. He imagined all of the instruments in gold and his heart melted. “I want to have a 14k gold Hebrew wedding band at my wedding, too!” But he didn’t know how he could afford such a thing. The more he talked about it, people didn’t understand what the big deal was. They also didn’t understand why he was so worried about the cost. But Michael had his heart set on it! And when Michael decided on something, there was no budging.
14k gold Hebrew wedding band
Being that Michael was still young, he had plenty of years ahead of him to try and earn enough money for the 14k gold Hebrew wedding band he hoped to have at his wedding. In autumn, he raked leaves for his neighbors and charged a small fee. In the winter he shoveled snow. In the spring and summer he babysat, made small deliveries, and helped pack groceries at the local supermarket.
After several years of this, when Michael was nearly a man, the truth was revealed to him. He was having a chat with his friend, Jake, who had recently become engaged. Jake was telling Michael about the Ani Le Dodi Ring he was getting for his bride. “She wants a 14k gold Hebrew wedding band, and from all the types available, the Ani Le Dodi Ring was most suitable for her”, explained Jake. “That phrase captures the essence of marriage, and has a spiritual feel to it.”
Slowly, very slowly, Michael’s misinterpretation began to dawn on him. “You mean a 14k gold Hebrew wedding band is like a wedding band – as in, a wedding ring – that has Hebrew words on it – and comes in 14k gold?” he sputtered. “Yeah, what did you think it was if not that?” asked Jake.
Michael peeled over in laughter as the realization of his mistake hit him more strongly. He explained the whole thing to Jake. How he misunderstood what a 14k gold Hebrew wedding band is. How he wanted an orchestra made out of golden instruments at his wedding. And how he had worked hard at odd jobs for years to save up for it! Jake joined in the laughter, and they couldn’t stop till their bellies ached.
Now Michael realized that he had a nice amount of savings. And he realized that he will probably not end up getting an orchestra with golden instruments for his wedding. So when he did get engaged, he decided instead to use his savings toward an expensive, exquisite Ani Le Dodi ring for his bride. He spent a lot of time choosing out the nicest one.
He ended up getting a two tone gold spinning ring that had diamond encrusted edges. He had saved up enough for it (thanks to his misinterpretation!) and his bride deserved it in every sense of the word. Michael was happy to use the money for something so valuable and sentimental. And behold, he did have a 14k gold Hebrew wedding band at his wedding!

Monday, 9 January 2017

The Personalized Hebrew Rings That Spoke To Emily

“Don’t take it personally.” That’s what Emily had been hearing since she was a young girl. She tended to be on the sensitive side, and she was easily insulted or hurt by things people would say to her. Even though Emily knew they meant no harm, it was just her nature to be hurt. And so, everyone was constantly telling her not to take it personally. Honestly, she was sick of hearing that and she wished that phrase never existed in the first place.
Personalized hebrew rings
But one day that changed. Emily was window shopping with her best friend, Jane. They started out in the mall, and then were planning on walking up and down the avenue. They were on their way out of the mall when Emily spotted the large poster. In the big, spacious lobby at the entrance of the mall, a large poster was affixed to the wall. “Take it personally”, it said in huge letters. Well, that was a first!
Until now Emily had only heard the opposite – and now something was telling her to take it personally. This intrigued Emily, and she went to take a closer look. It turned out to be an advertisement for a company that makes personalized Hebrew rings. Next week they were having a boutique in the area displaying some of their unique pieces. It wasn’t something Emily was interested in, but because she loved their advertisement, she felt she had to check it out.
On Wednesday morning, the day of the boutique for personalized Hebrew rings, Emily rose bright and early. She decided to go to the library to do some research about Hebrew rings in general, so that she’d know what to expect when she arrived at the boutique.
It turned out that Hebrew is the language of the Jews, and of the Land of Israel. Well, that was something to know about. Emily knew she was Jewish, though she knew close to nothing of what that meant. Now she was more eager to see the display of personalized Hebrew rings than she had been before.
When she got To the boutique, there were many people milling about. Several tables were arranged, with big signs indicating what each table had: PERSONALIZED HEBREW RINGS. HEBREW RING GOLD. HEBREW RING SILVER. JEWISH WEDDING RINGS. And so on and so forth.
Emily struck up a conversation with the woman manning the “personalized Hebrew rings” booth. She learned that Hebrew rings had so many different functions. Emily loved everything she heard, and it made her feel warm and fuzzy inside. She became so friendly with the woman, that she even ended up telling her about how she got there – how when she was young, everyone told her not to take it personally, and how she saw their ad “take it personally” and why that meant so much to her.
Emily decided right then and there to purchase a personalized Hebrew ring, with her name spelled out in Hebrew. She wore it every day from then on. It helped her not to be too sensitive. It helped her feel connected to her Jewishness. And it made her feel great!